Studio Crop is an independent
design practice specialising in
brand design and communication.

What we do.

We're a creative studio that offers all the usual creative services: Branding & Strategy / Packaging / Art Direction / Identity / Digital Design / User Interface / Illustration / Typography.

We also understand the need to collaborate, as and when specialists are needed. With Studio Crop as creative lead, we can call on a select group of collaborators to provide the following services: Web Development / Photography / Video and Editing / 3D Rendering.

Why we do it.

Studio Crop loves to build brands. Branding is everything. It builds trust. Improves recognition. Inspires employees. Creates new business.

Whether it's as small as a logo, or as big as a website, Studio Crop can help you build brand awareness for your company through communicative design.

Some of our projects.

Some of our clients.


In a nutshell

We're a design studio, based in North Yorkshire, specialising in brand communications.

Boring legal stuff

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